What type of household cleaning do you offer?

At Castle Maid we offer a basic residential cleaning during which our maids will clean your house from top to bottom. We also offer a home detailing service for those times that a simple household cleaning won’t do. Typically, our clients get the home detailing service when they are moving out of an apartment or other residence, when they are moving into a new home, or when they just need a deep, spring cleaning.

Is your cleaning company equipped for commercial cleaning?

Yes. Not only do our professional cleaners expertly complete household cleaning, but they also possess the skills necessary for commercial cleaning. Whether you need cleaning for an office or other business, Castle Maid Cleaning Services can meet your needs.

Do you have any reviews on your maids and housekeeping company?

Yes. We are proud of the reviews from our housekeeping clients. Because of the level of household cleaning and customer service that we provide, many of our new clients come as referrals from existing Castle Maid customers.

Can I schedule a household cleaning on a weekend?

Yes. With the exception of major holidays, our business hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, seven days a week. Unlike other cleaning companies that only schedule maid service Monday through Friday, Castle Maid Cleaning Services can send a cleaner to you home on a day that fits your schedule – including weekends. Schedule a housekeeping appointment online today.

What do I need to do before you clean my house or apartment?

When you are paying an hourly rate for housekeeping, you want that time to be used efficiently. To help our maids make the most of their time cleaning your home, we ask that you clean up any excess clutter (clothes, toys, etc.) that might hinder our ability to properly and quickly clean your home. Our maids bring their own cleaning supplies, but if there is a specific product you want your home cleaner to use, please leave that product out with instructions of where you want it to be used.

What can I expect from my home cleaner?

Each home cleaner employed by Castle Maid Cleaning Services is insured and bonded. We screen each of our cleaning professionals to ensure that the Castle Maid team members who come into your home are well-qualified and friendly.

How much does a home cleaning cost and how do I pay?

The cost of your housekeeping service will depend upon the size of your home and the level of cleaning (basic household cleaning versus deep cleaning) that you desire. We would be happy to give you a housekeeping quote. The cost of supplies and cleaning equipment are included in our house cleaning rates. Payment is due on the day of each cleaning service. Many of our clients pay their maids using cash; however, we also accept personal checks.

What if something gets damaged or I have a complaint about my housekeeping service?

Each home cleaner at Castle Maid Cleaning Services will carefully clean your home and we believe that you will be satisfied with the results of a Castle Maid cleaning. However, if for some reason something gets damaged we will work with you to repair or replace the item. Our service can only get better with your feedback, so if you have any problem with your cleaning service, we ask that you contact our customer service immediately.

If your home cleaner gets hurt on my property, am I responsible?

If one of our maids gets injured during your housekeeping visit, you do not have to worry about personal liability insurance for work-related injuries. Castle Maid Cleaning Services is responsible for worker’s compensation, insurance, and other work-related coverage.

How can I keep my home clean between visits?

Even with regularly scheduled housekeeping appointments, your home can become cluttered or feel dirty in between cleaning visits. We have provided house cleaning tips to help you.

What if I have additional questions about your house cleaning company?

For more advice or information on our cleaning services, including our home detailing service, please contact Castle Maid Cleaning Services and one of our reps will be happy to assist you.